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Footgolf French Open 2023

The 9th edition of the legendary French Open was eagerly awaited by all the best footgolf players in the world. And like every year, the two courses at the Robert Hersant Golf Park offered some of the most unique playing conditions. The 270 participants had to adapt their game to the sometimes, capricious weather conditions. On the grid, all the greatest international players had one goal in mind: to win this famous trophy.

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Men : Andrej Ivan enters the big leagues!

What an XXL performance from a Slovak who has come to claim one of the most coveted titles of the season! And this falls on his first participation on the land of the French world champions, many of whom were present there.


Andrej Ivan accomplishes a real feat that puts him among the best players of the season. The Slovak finally won after a lot of tension after the play-off against Florian Warsemann. Rémois had to settle for a magnificent second place with an unavoidably bitter taste; nevertheless, he was successful in his “life tournament”, especially with his extraordinary performance in the second round.


To complete the podium, let's look at the undisputed best senior of the season: Frederik Hedin. He achieved the second best performance (-9) of the Final Round and took advantage of a high-tension finish from the leaders to give them priority and clinch a resounding podium. Also author of a superb (-9) on the last day, Ben Clarke comes back from nowhere and manages to rank 4th after a play-off against his Majesty the inevitable watchmaker, Lionel Jacot. Behind the places of honor should be several big names of French footgolf: Camel Meriem, Gaëtan Poirier, Alexis Bellanger, Antonio Balestra, Anthony Lassaigne or Nicolas Pussini.


Senior: World-class Frederic Hedin

Finishing 4th at the last World Championship, the Norman leader once again showed the full extent of his talent: he won by no less than six strokes, ahead of his vice, Stein Arnestad, who took second place.


The Norwegian still holds a superb 2nd place and is at the gates of the Top 10 in the Absolute. Marek Vittek and Yannick Beyer also had excellent results at the Open and had to dot the playoffs to take the podium in the category. The Slovak gave his all in front of the Alsatian.

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Veteran: Brilliant "Back to Back" by Fabrice Lefevre!

Fabrice Lefevre marks his territory again and imposes himself in front of the biggest names in the world! Last year, he narrowly outran the argentine Sergio Vazquez.


This year the feat gets even louder as the victory comes right in front of the huge Michael Wilkes, the legendary Dutch player on the track with the arm length record. Klaas Wijers, a Dutchman, is also in third place.

senior 1st fabrice lefevre.JPG

Women: Caroline Schoffitt on top of the mountain!

Nothing stops Caroline Schoffit, who after pocketing her first victory in the FootGolf Cup wins all the trophies that come along. The two title French champions Tiffany Suss and Charlotte could not do anything.


Caroline Schoffit wins the title three strokes ahead of her Monegasque partner Tiffany Suss. Charlotte Amaury gets a superb podium with the added bonus of a victory in the play-off against Lucia Cermakova.


The grand world champion from Slovakia had no choice but to suffer the supremacy of the Frenchwomen in this competition. In doubles, Tiffany Suss and Caroline Schoffit won the bet without any difficulties. The Monegasques are completely full.

women top (2).JPG


Junior: What a great win for Rafael Schou!

The French juniors improve and impress the French circuit every weekend. They waged a fierce struggle for three days of competition.


Amnéville Club’s nugget, Schou made a hole during the "move day" and was able to contain the phenomenal return of Clement Antony, who thought he was late and did a feat!


These two gave us an incredible scenario, coming with the same score to the 54th hole of the tournament. Aymeric Beyer fails to keep up the pace he set superbly during the first two rounds and finishes third after a poor final round.



rookie 1st (6).JPG

Rookie: David Lionet for a prestigious win!

Eugénie Club’s talented left-hander continues to have more than encouraging success with a respectable 35th place, which is very promising for a first time participation in this famous tournament. David Lionet will still be able to harbor some regrets as he led the first lap in the rhythm of the best (-6).

david l parcours (2).JPG

Eiffel Trophy (Double): The Hedin family touches the Grail!

Romain, son and lieutenant, and his father Commander Frederic, are a complementary and well-functioning association. So well-functioning that he won one of the biggest tournaments of the season by an impressive margin. The two Normans not only achieve the highest score, but also create a moment that will forever remain in the memory.


Behind, the Touraine double - Cedric Even and Samuel Loureiro, who manage to get up ahead of the peloton and put on a superb performance. Marseillais Kevin Place and Cédric Bonnot, who were among the favorites, will have to settle for third place in the prestigious playoffs, leaving several great teams behind: Richer / Rigaud, Warsemann / Coirnot and Wilkes / Van de Kamp.

double (4).JPG

Club: Touraine Club accomplished the feat by winning the most coveted trophy of the season.

Winning a club trophy at the French Open is a bit like winning atop the Alpe d'Huez. It does not bring more numbers, but this is a victory that greatly adorns the prize list. So it is not in vain that all the big cylinders of the championship were completed. Touraine club takes over from his neighbor Manceau, who had a habit of leaving only a few crumbs for his competitors every time he hit the Robert Hersant Golf Park.

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Five Nations Trophy: Switzerland goes back to back!

As historical as it is prestigious, this friendly trophy serves as an annual meeting of the world's best players to defend the colors of their nation.

After winning last year, the Swiss are applying the perfect strategy to reach the final and beat Slovak team. This award is well deserved for our Swiss neighbors who hold an important place in the history of the French Open.

The French world champions did not manage to show a sufficient level of play to succeed over their neighbors.

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